Bitcoin Mining Crisis? Programmer explains.

Miner come to an existential crisis when the war between ASICs and GPUs intensifies. Crypto exchange using NASDAQ software, Big Short guy doesn’t like …


  1. I would like to see you extend the length of your videos. At the moment you appear to rush through topics and are skimming over the top of subjects that require more in depth analysis. There are far to many crypto channels concerned about 'price' and the market only. To educate people about the development of the space would, IMO, give people the information to enable them to make more informed decisions about investments for the future. The elite controllers have now entered this space and are manipulating most areas. How about doing some research on that ! I do enjoy your channel and hope I have not been to negative. Good luck for the future.

  2. Love your show, a daily watcher. Can you talk about wallets, especially ethereum wallets? I installed Ethereum Mist on my Linux box and it has taken up well over 100gb to sync the block chain. That doesn't seem practical for most users. Are all wallets downloading the entire block chain? Are there space efficient wallet technologies? Smashed the like

  3. Let them compete, and see which one is used more. Simple. We don't need central planning in crypto. Let the market tell us what to do. Why do we need a panel at consensus to tell us what to do? Personally I think ASICs will win out but let's see.

  4. limit hashrates by IP address… let them figure out VPN and PROXY and then people will have access to asics on a decentralized scale when their VPN bottlenecks are reached. BASICALLY JUST SET A SPEED LIMIT…. DUH. Raise the limit as requirements become more strenuous, then we arent wasting electricity on fabricated difficulty levels.

    right now, the variable block times or difficulty rates only serve the largest farms.

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