Bitcoin miner robot is Scam .

C how it works but it won’t pay .pls don’t spend money on it.on each add it will give 500 satoshi but no payment .now its updated version is also avaibllable .cost …


  1. I'm trying this app out myself on a old phone. if you press the get 500 Satoshi button and wait until the end of the ad video you do indeed get another 500 satoshis. I have my wallet address very carefully entered into the box at the top, at the rate it's running I'll know in about 60 days if it's a scam or not. Will let you know.

  2. Is evident you don't know nothing about this app. You have to get 250,000 or 0.0025 before it will allow you to with draw . you also have to put your wallet address up top. every 10 minutes you click the button where it says 500 it'll give you 500 for watching a commercial as for you mashing the button every few seconds has nothing to do with the app. all you do is start the app the robot will mine for you you don't do nothing but sit there. Since it uses power on your phone you have to keep it hooked to a charger and you also go in your phone settings on your display and fix it were it doesn't go to sleep or it doesn't go to sleep for 30 minutes this way it will keep the app constantly running why it mines don't sit there and mash the start-and-stop button over and over that's not how you do it all you do is start it and let it add up the numbers.

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