Bitcoin Market Meltdown – Today’s Crypto News

News Links: Crypto Market Tanks After SEC Announcement on ETF Criminals No Longer Use Bitcoin.


  1. People are stupid we knew the ETF would be delayed. Before the news was released the other day. The sec said it would take the longest time legally possible before they rule one way or the other. But it's fine sell and I will buy when it hits 3 Grand

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  3. Ok I go on a 1 st date and woman says no not right now but in 45 days I might give you some. Shoot that wasn't a no, gives me plenty of time to get ready for the fireworks.

  4. You're very naive to think the markets react to the "news". The news is used to manipulate the market. The ETF shill was used to run the market up, bring in the suckers, and then clean them out. "Buy the rumor, sell the "news". Very simple."

  5. Whatever is happening to bitcoin is good for its own future as its getting rid of those weak hands they don't belong to crypto anyway. Weak hands are threat to crypto world in many ways.. We want hodlers to make bitcoin what it should in future.

  6. I fucking hate those people selling shit services and so-called "binary trading bla bla". I can't help notice that YouTube and Facebook are actively facilitating scammers yet they will block good people for the dumbest shit. I swore on Twitter today and got blocked for nearly a day…..for swearing which I've done many times. The revalations with Alex JOnes compound my beliefs

  7. SEC is messing about. They should either come out and be clear as to what they plan to do with ETF and regulation, or just ban it. They've been unclear and nontransparent for almost a year now, and this has had major impact on the retail trading community. A lot of people lost a lot of their money because of this and the SEC is supposed to be protecting these same people. I call BS, this is manipulation and insider trading at its peak.

  8. I find it interesting how XRP reacted first to the drop. If this drop is due to the ETF being delayed thats a shame because it should only be considered a plus and have no negative affect on prices.

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