Bitcoin & Litecoin The Future Of Money?

Cryptocurrency The Future Of Money? Tomorrow’s U.S. Congress Hearing is a very big deal for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and every other cryptocurrency. Links From …


  1. Hey Dan, can you talk about why LTC is worth keeping over others like Vertcoin etc.
    LTC – $90 VTC – $1
    Both 84 million max supply
    Vertcoin faster with lower fees!?

  2. Why does it seem like ltc isn't moving as much as other alts? do you think ltc will have its own etf? or at least be a part of a group of alt coins in an elf?

  3. Interesting video! There are probably a lot of goverment officials buying there own 'stash' now as we speak! By the way, in UK former UK PM 'Dave' Cameron recently opened up the London offices of a major Bitcoin wallet provider! Also Japan has made Bitcoin legal currency, and it's being promoted by govts in Malta, Switzerland, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man! We'll see!

  4. There is too much power at stake I don't see a decentralised currency taking over…politicians & banks will want there own safer regulated non criminal coin approved by them & there media…digital dollar etc…why would they in these early stages of cripto just accept existing coins for a currency..just start there own then approve it…release it as they see fit as they mine it..

  5. Maybe the Insiders KNOW what will be said / done tomorrow ?? !! OR it's just time to MOON after all of the Blood in the streets. I am trying to decide if I am going to pick up a couple more LTC under a $ 100, while I can ?? !!

  6. I definetly think bitcoin and litecoin are the future of money crypto in general future of money. Wow super pump on alot of coins out there now this is exciting day watching LTC and a couple of my other coins super rocket today!😎

  7. Can’t wait for the day Dan where I am watching you live stream and litecoin is just going off going to the moon with that just be an awesome Livestream? Thanks for the shout out to my family the other day we were in the car and I told them that I could maybe get you to say something to us. You are awesome congrats to you and Sara. I feel think we know you. You are the real deal. I feel with your help we have a Thornton Plumbing Crypto capital venture!!!! Can’t wait to meet you some day. Thanks for all you do.

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