Bitcoin, Litecoin Key Pullback Areas

Bitcoin and Litecoin are cruising on down, and in this video we look at some key areas where they might see a possible bottom in bearish downtrend. Time will …


  1. Hey Dan, thanks for the video. I was a bull but I'm now very bearish. I'm very disillusioned. There are a lot of Bad actors in the cryptosphere. Some are new and some have been around since the beginning. I think the old ones up to no good have taken their money and run as government agencies around the world are beginning to regulate and tax and track what goes on in the cryptosphere. I really think that this is an element of the latest downturn. I also believe that the early adopter crowd is all we have and is burned out. Unless we get new money into this space, all we are doing as a group, is just shifting money between each other. And it's probably the same people buying with each paycheck whenever they can afford to do so– not new investors. And a lot of us early folks have bailed– all of my friends and family have, and I am now the laughing stock in town for riding this to the bottom. We need new blood and new retail investors in the cryptos to turn this around. I believe the f-ing derivatives crap as well as people with big bucks getting to buy OTC has really destroyed what us little guys had going. And then there is fud in the Press. Why that seems to carry the day, and not any of the good news, well whatever, it always seems to be that way doesn't it? Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take advantage of swing trading part of my portfolio while I hodl most of it. I keep dollar cost averaging, though, but I'm out of money now and unfortunately we have not hit bottom. I'm doing okay enough financially, thank God, and I didn't spend what I couldn't afford to lose, but trust me, I have lost a lot. Anyway, when great projects with great partnerships don't garner great prices, you know something bizarre and unseemly is afoot. Politicians are protecting the old order for now it seems, and those who benefit from it, plain and simple. But they will take their boot off the throat of the cryptosphere at some point and let it rip, once the well connected are well-positioned. It's anybody's guess when that will happen. In the meantime I'm going to take notes as to what crypto's are given certain governments blessing around the globe, and what shows up as offerings on coinbase and is sanctioned by the governments of Thailand, Japan, China, and Korea, etc. Enough for now, thanks for listening, I look forward to your shows. Thank you for what you bring to this space. Peace.

  2. I tell you when crypto will moon. This is connected politically and everything will go on at the same time like a military op. Crypto will free us from the central banks grip. First run up will be next week or the week after the unredacted ig report comes out. The world is watching our politics and wont believe that the transition is here till big names are locked up. Additionally the extreme moonshot and the sudden increase of multi millionaires will gain the countries attention. This attention will be necessary to keep people from rioting as many recognized names are arrested and prosecuted.

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