Bitcoin & Litecoin HOLD Support…for now

Bitcoin & Litecoin both hold support as they test our support area we talked about the other day. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin could be in the middle of setting up a …


  1. Some were so quick to jump on you, yet you said several times you felt we were heading down to 48 or so. Well, how come those same people don't say a word when your outlook is spot on….good job man. You've taught me a ton in the short time I've been watching. Keep it up! You're the best online….hands down!!!

  2. Been loving the analysis for weeks. Thank you for expanding my knowledge. Anything under $60 is a bargain in the long run, just my opinion. I am now converted to Crypto after being an ardent cynic.

  3. Wassup CCV hope all is well it's been a while!! This ETH price is ripe for harvesting those gains right about now and it will go lower so I won't FOMO into it but just sitting on some Fiat waiting to hop in….

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