Bitcoin is Store of Value and Divisible Currency (Here is Why)

Many Bitcoin critics rely on the argument that Bitcoin does not fit the definition of a money, a unit of account, or that it cannot be a store of value and a currency at …


  1. I had to come back and watch this video before i got off youtube after seeing your last video with that other voice. It just didnt feel right having that other vid be the last vid i heard on this channel with that other voice hahaha.

  2. Cryptocurrencies cannot be considered Store of Value nowadays, they are too volatile and the value it is not guaranteed for the next years. If you cannot be reasonably sure that you would recover the price paid or more in the next 10 years, it is not a SoV.

  3. Hi Aimstone. Another great video. I share your hopes and optimism for BTC. However, I think it is too early to call the narrative of BTC as a store of value and unity of account a given. The jury is till very much out. Recent history has few examples of assets being a store of value and a the same time a unit of account. We don't really spend gold, stocks, bonds, real estate and so on. BTC has no intrinsic value and its store of value solely depends on its perceived value of investors and traders. That can quickly change. I firmly believe that digital money will be part of our future. It might be BTC but might also well be something that is not yet invented…. I would say that it is good to be cautious and hedge your bets.

  4. Bitcoin is good as long-term store of value, but is not good for retail because of low transactions bandwidth and high commissions. Until now, all attempts to solve the problem have been unsuccessful. SegWit and Lightning Network do not solve the problem. Other major cryptocurrencies intended for retail use such as Bitcoin Cash and Litcoin are little bit faster and have lower commissions, but still not well enough.

  5. One day, the Bitcoin you own, will be the bank you’ll have. You’ll use your phone, tap into it, and pay your bills.

    Do you have your .22, .28, or one Bitcoin?
    Another great video! 👍

  6. The smart phone, the internet computers, etc…worked because the people approved of it, the same will happen with digital currencies, it helps the people and the people will approve of it. Its the natrual evelution. Fantastic video and excellent points!!

  7. Hi Aimstone. Thanks for your effort in all your videos. Well thought. Would you be able to do a video on the true value of Bitcoin, rough estimate? Minus all the lost Bitcoin and OTC markets.

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