Bitcoin is one of the biggest bubbles in financial history: Niall Ferguson

Historian and author Niall Ferguson on concerns about a potential bitcoin bubble.


  1. I've been in crypto for years and have known about bitcoin fairly early. Not $0.10 early but under $20 early.

    I say this because it seems too many newb "investors" want to pump this poor asset, to the point where it might be in the worst bubble yet.

  2. gold?? why gold ??? then peace of papers who is he???? now its digital okay at least it is more useful than before but the funny thing tho the media owners still think they are still in charge by repeating "a bubble" .

  3. Its so funny … all these people … warning … not owning bitcoin … but talking daily … about what? … BITCOIN (!) … not liking it, but praising it … that is good! … it is finally pushing much more awareness of people towards bitcoin

  4. Niall Ferguson was trained and brainwashed to think inside the bubble not outside. Niall is a work 9-5 guy, rent an apartment, live a dull boring life and never ever take a chance in life.

  5. The tired shoeshine boy myth. That was a BS anecdote from Joe Kennedy who was a notorious market manipulator. The markets crashed because he caused them to; not because of some stupid shoeshine boy.

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