Bitcoin Is NOT A Security – EOS on Bitmex, SEC Chairman Speaks, Coinbase Gears Up – Ep211

Things are starting to heat up in this asset class with some major news coming out in the last 24 hours. Links: EOS on Bitmex: …


  1. I took our recommendation on “the men who built America”.. an incredible history lesson with a great deal of insight into evolution, expansion, and typical behaviors. Thank you for suggesting it!!

  2. Thank you for the pragmatic review of fibonaci. It was very useful for those who do not trade daily but watch consistently. I had a few "ah-ha" moments during your review. Can't thank you enough. 🙂

  3. They don't need to change their definition of a security. They just need to stop criminally discriminating in who is allowed to buy them. The only job the SEC has is to know what Americans make securities and prosecute those people if they're fraudulent.

  4. This TA stuff is just a lot of guesswork, charts mostly show consequences of big money manipulation and therefore stupid money human level reaction. But i like to listen to your opinions on this. Cheers

  5. This video has a VERY slow start. 15 minutes on TA? Just telling people to watch out for resistance? You could have told this in a minute (leaving Fibonacci out of it, as that is unreliable to use if one does not know how to). Just saying!
    The other info is a bit of 'the same', currently all crypto vloggers are doing exactly the same, reading the same 'news'. I hope the market starts to roar, so we get more 'news'.

  6. On the long shot coins, have loads of these too, Bax , Pundi, Fitrova (ouch) , Xinfin, Kin… From your experience and obviously not advice, is there a timescales to use when you revisit them to see if still worth it…

  7. You HAVE to check out Elastos. Bitmain is going to devote 50% of their haspower to Elastos in 2018. Let that set in. Elastos have been building up for 18 years. They will be the internet OS and p2p network that be the Internet infrastructure that will support this blockchain/decentralized revolution we are having. Project with the largest scope, yet most likely to deliver in my opinion. Blockchain is just a small part of their whole project and they are backed by Bitmain and da hongfei

  8. I have to unsubscribe… this guy takes too long and a lot of times, his ideas don’t make any sense or are proven to be total SHIT. Am I the only one realizing this lmao

  9. You stated that you aren't a mining expert, but you alluded to miners controlling the base or floor of crypto price. In a future episode, could you explain that a little more in depth? Thanks for the amazing content, in depth explanations and wide variety of content. Always excited for your videos to post

  10. The "4 billion EOS warchest" is not guaranteed to ever leave Block ones bank accounts. They set up the legal structure to ensure they have no obligation to ever use the money raised for developing EOS.

    They prob will use as a war chest but im just saying they dont have to.

  11. Wow as many times as I heard you say GOOD NEWS what a bunch of BS non of this matters these past 211 videos you have made none of it has come true that big money is coming big money is not going to mess with any of this.

  12. It's all perspectives but most will start the FIB level at the bottom on the start of the new structure. In your levels you started it just before the end of the previous market structure. Sometimes the FIB level is at the lowest point, but that's usually in cases of major dips where the recovery is equally as fast.

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