Bitcoin is expected to regain Its Dominance In The Cryptocurrency Markets (In 2019)

There is a high chance that bitcoin will regain its market shares while other cryptocurrencies and new ICOs will decline in value. In this video I will explain why …


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  2. Can you explain how these alt or shit coins 90% of them according to you go to zero. Also why you think as you said in your video in 2019. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. I like your videos. 👍👍👍

  3. Who need this crap. I go to the store swipe my credit card and I'm done. Why would I ever think of using a crypto that is a pain in the ass to use. No country or govt. is going to allow some tech clowns to displace their control over their currency. The bankers always win.

  4. I hate to burst your video bubble, but BTC is sitting at the high range of dominance and will never get up to 80/90% again, different market, different more mature tech now, not just BTC forks, DPOS is going to play a big role in 2019+ with multiple big projects, PoW has its merits and is the most secure but things like sharding, plasma, state channels going to make PoS a force to reckon with.

  5. Shitcoins 0. BTC was hype based, which I don't think the market will fall for that again. I think the next coin to become "useful" will dominate.

  6. Once the price action has based out sidewards it may be a good time to re-enter…..and remember once you get a double in the price sell half your holding, doing this you will get your original investment back whilst u riding the rest.

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