Bitcoin is Doomed!

Agustín Carstens, The head of the (BIS) Bank of International Settlements, Predicts a bad ending for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and calls for an end to their …


  1. Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold confiscation 1933 – These are events that 'traders' sometimes forget. Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as Litecoin or Bitcoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets. – 'Banksters' seem worried!
    Remember – Bitcoin mining reward 'halving' 2020! Litecoin Mining reward 'halving' 2019!

  2. He does understand it, perhaps better than you and I or anyone here. What he wants to do is make sure that no one else understands it because the moment anyone understands the value Cryptocurrency has and how much it can help humanity, that will be the moment when central banks and they're massive hold on the people are doomed.

  3. C’mon guys, no need for name calling. He’s entitled to his opinion and concerns about Bitcoin, just as you’re all free to accumulate your digital gold. Even though Bitcoin is clearly a better store of value, central banks and big money like these guys are, unfortunately, more trusted than the crypto community at the moment.

  4. Great video man! It will be awesome if you could dedicate a video to speaking about the inseparable connection between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency prices, and why they are dependent on each other in the long run. Friends that consider investing in crypto ask me about it and I find it hard to explain why blockchain technology evolvement means crypto prices increasing and why the blockchain field needs crypto investors in order to flourish. Many thanks!

  5. Central banks have NEVER been interested in stability! They print money and use it to buy things for themselves, like real estate and corporations! This idea that they are benevolent is absurd! They are a private cartel and they have only one mission, to make money for the cartel! They can't end cryptocurrencies, because we didn't ask them if we could invent them! It became possible, because of cryptography and Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and used to to fight the oppression by the central banks! That's why he won't reveal who he is! He's afraid they will kill him! Bitcoin is sound money! It's the currency that gives common people hope, because without it, we are victims of a slavery system! Bankers figured out how to enslave people with debt and now all the wealth is being transferred to cryptocurrencies! You're either part of it or you're not! If you not moving into the new paradigm, then you're going down with the 'Titanic'. It's over for central banks! If they don't succeed in killing bitcoin, bitcoin will kill them! I would bet everything that bitcoin kills the central banks, because I know how savvy people think about The Fed and other crooked, fake government agencies. All government agencies work against us. We don't need any of them and we don't need government, either! The people should be the government, not these assholes who get elected and put on a puppet show for us! We know that there are those who operate the strings and we don't like it!

  6. I find it laughable when this type of 'news' comes out from people who haven't got a clue about the tech or utilities – Warren Buffet anyone? C'mon give me a break. Why is a guy who famously has rubbished the worlds most successful tech companies given air time for new technological advances!

    Their absolute greed clouds their judgement and willingness to learn, adapt and allow them to ride the wave of new innovations. Instead of fighting these changes and wishing the keep the status quo, they must open their minds to possibilities, and this will give them opportunity to continue to be successful.

    On a final note, I don't understand why crypto is predominantly referenced as a payment solution. Yes, of course this is a potential utility, but there are others that have great potential. I invest in the blockchain, not Bitcoin. Blockchain is about so much more than a payment solution. If real use cases of blockchain technology were widely reported, this would a) gain interest from external investors, both retail and institutional, and b) not give them the platform to these bankers who have heard Bitcoin is after them to air this tripe.

    Peace out!

  7. There are aproximently 4 million bitcoin lost forever and another 2 million bitcoin stolen. Thus, 6 million bitcoins are out of circulation – this means that only about 11 million bitcoins are currently in circulation.

  8. Fiat money is used to purchase mining equipment which then is hooked up to electricity to run some powerful algorithms and end up producing digital money (cryptocurrencies) as end product. This for me is a process of converting fiat into a better store of value. The massive resources that goes into producing cryptos are good proof of their value. Its a conversion of the store of value and it would be surprising if traditional institutions who benefits from the status quo will have anything good to say about this chnage that challenges their own businesses. One thing is for certain fiat as a store of value is definitely not the way of the future. Even gold with its limitations is better . How much was an ounce of gold in 1970 and how much is it today? What could you buy with $1 in 1970 and what can you buy today with the same amount? Some of these cryptos have a finite number and thus a good egde against inflation and devaluation. Since the backing of gold was removed from the USD, the dollar is simply backed up by absolutely nothing but the "trust" reposed in the capacity of the U.S. to meet her obligations. While monumental national debts of the US runs into trillions, how much longer will this zero intrinsic value keep the trust of the world? What happens if this trust vaporizes? Can the Feds continue printing money and QE its way out of this expanding fiat bubble?

  9. It's all fake FUD news. God damn these Lucifarian banksters, these worthless Rothschild blood drinking pedophiles. Their future awaits them in the Lake of Eternal Fire where all criminal satanic liars reside.

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