Bitcoin is Back 2018

Bitcoin is back 2018 Today, Crypto Famous will talk about the BITCOIN Growth and RECOVER and will bitcoins price rise again btc news daily he will be …


  1. You inspired me so much right now , Crypto Famous! Keep fighting and stay awesome !
    I am broke as fuk in that moment . but will try my best from tomorrow , to eat and live healthy !
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  2. I just want to say you have very professional looking videos. With the elegant text, logo and graphics, I feel like I'm watching an Top Crypto Show.
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  3. Bitcoin ETF will come no doubt but it really doesn’t matter when it comes, be it this year or next. What really matters is development and adoption for the greater good. Crypto markets move incredibly quickly compared to traditional stock markets and investors just need a little patience if the price is the most important aspect of crypto to them.
    BTC: 39cNCVgWXAoXptFG1PUAgUQYumsFViSaut

  4. Hey Famous, Thank you for the news once more! I really hope there will be an ETF sometime next year and that it will be a boon for the entire market. Also, my favorite color is grey and I'm in it for the giveaway 😉 33o57cDntX1TnW8CfaFeLLwyEkXTYuNCN5

  5. I hope we are not gonna keep making the same old mistakes. Bitcoin is a good tool that has the potential of changing the world as we know it. The future is SHARING, the strength is the COMMUNITY 😉 btc: 16XfUsJA5yVLfP6RA35TBnuL5b2LodtdPR

  6. I'm sure that TRX is paying all these young youtubers to pup out Tron videos all day long ! Videos about announcements … about announcements Xaxa

  7. We need as much adoption of bitcoin as possible, even in traditional markets.. but it is not necessary.. bitcoin will never be successfully regulated.!
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  8. I think will see the next big bull run sooner than we expect ! just like last year 😉 And talking about arbitraging , what do you think about platforms like and other arbitraging bots ?
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  9. Do you really think it will be so easy? When all the hope is gone ETF will be approved. ETF will come when the market is totally destroyed or when nobody expect it 😉
    BTC: 1AmisarnMZAwirShESZpVktB9HnLbUYV9V

  10. You always provide good information Crypto Famous and I appreciate all the hard work you put into your content. Glad youre here pumping out quality content. Keep it up bro, I support you!
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