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  1. You are guessing! When the cryptocurrency market exploded big money came in and shorted Bitcoin just as experts predicted. After that big money has manipulated the cryptocurrency market to death causing several growth spurts only to sell off at the highs to crash the little guy. I do not know for sure when or if the cryptocurrency market can ever be trusted again to make a bull run. If it does look for a replay of what took place in 2017. I am buying at the bottoms but worry about knowing when a new spurt is over to sell. I believe digital money will be part of the future but only to the detriment of society. The Bible predicts absolute disaster in the new world order and same has never been wrong or inaccurate. The bottom line is that cryptocurrency is only good to dabble in for profits for a very short time. Once I recoup my losses I will run away from this like a Jack rabbit fleeing the hounds.

  2. This guy turned into a absolute shill, he said btc was done bottoming at 7k now watch at 5.9 k he's gonna make another video about why Bitcoin is about to take off… This is the most biased one sided channel ever

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  4. PUTINCOIN on cryptopia just released their game on google play. Expect the price to rise heavily over the next few days and weeks with only a 100k marketcap and 500m in circulation. Next x20 opportunity in my opinion.

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  6. Hey, Mike. Are you worried about all the people who bought Bitcoin on the dark web sitting back and waiting for the price to spike again? I think that may be what the financial institutions are waiting for. Once they're gone, then we're talking, but who's to say when that will be?

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