‘Bitcoin is a Scam’ – Jamie Dimon – We No Longer Believe You… We Never Did!

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  2. I'm a software developer that once worked a contract at Wells Fargo and thought, wow, these systems are horrendous. How the hell is this giant business still standing up.

    I'm reading the Mastering Bitcoin book and in awe of how magnificent the architecture is.

  3. I heard from a friend in the hedge fund sector that Dimon was told to keep quiet about BTC whilst JPMorgan set up their crypto desk – the guy is full of sh1t and a market manipulator

  4. Jamie Dimon is just doing his job…. Keeping regular nocoiners away from Bitcoin until his operation is established and owns a healthy portion of dat bitcorn.
    Sad and fraudulent, but hey, that's how they make money.
    First sign of financial crisis he gets to claim 'funds are safu, we own bitcoin' and looks like a hero, upon which I will be yelling at the TV, "Fraud". Oh the irony.

  5. Good show as usual! Top man! I seem to remember that the last time Jamie Dimon criticised Bitcoin it was discovered that his own JP Morgan traders were caught buying Bitcoin on Swedish Bitcoin exchanges!

    Some businesses also took legal action against him for slandering them and he withdrew some of his comments!

  6. I noticed you used/include the word β€œsexual” a lot on each/most of your very last sentence of your YouTube video. Is/are there reasons/explainations for this? What subliminal thing(s) are you trying to convey? I’m slightly disturbed by it.

  7. Jamie πŸ’Ž is extremely smart. This guy knows how to play the game. He talks bad and says negative things about a technology that he is secretly investing and researching everything crypto. Do just the opposite of what he says and you will profit just fine. The time to worry is when he starts endorsing Bitcoin and crypto's because that means the institutional money is already in and about to exit leaving retail investors like you and I holding the bag.

  8. Dimon?I don't know him!He must be somebody.But he is not understanding the relation Bitcoin-Blockchain.He understands printed worthless paper.But the thirst People Money on this earth he will never understand.Rothschild Rockefeller Morgans Goldman Sachs hate this new Technology like hell!And they manipulate with printed paper money what they never owned the Cryptomarket!But they are not able to stop our spaceship.Next big crisis is coming and they are playing hide and seek.Didn't know about,these criminals!!!

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