Bitcoin, Hyperwave, In Detail

Hyperwave Channel by Lucid Investment Strategies Co-hosted by D. Tyler Jenks and Leah Wald Tyler’s Bitcoin: 15CNHjSVnm9NE7CuVEY31TvkKbMi929RjH D. Tyler Jenks, the President, and CIO of Lucid…


  1. SO …gold/silver hyperwave beginning ? I've been hodl'ing PM's since nov. 08 , but I bought for secure/diversify my wealth not investment. same with btc three years ago, but this time around I sold some:)
    either way, fun interesting time we are living !!! diversify, turn off the news, play outside, live in the moment cause that is all we have… NOW <3<3<3

  2. Hey, BTC hyperwave is on the weekly and the phase 2 line looks like it wont let bitcoin go to $4000 beyond 2 weeks.

    my question is. (and i know it will probably be mentioned in the future) but after 2 weeks do we throw away the possibility of a 1/4 chance $4000 bounce?
    From the NDX .. if that was a hyperwave (and i tried to draw it).. it came down to 800 just in time. i wish i knew but looks like it to me. i feel like BTC will take 2 weeks. or go straight though to phase 1.

  3. No matter how detailed you explain hyperwave does not change the fact that Bitcoin is a technological revolution. Saying that Bitcoin will eventually experience a phase 7 return to zero, is like saying that the internet is now in phase 6 and will soon be forgotten, and no longer used.

  4. +Hyperwave Tyler, Hello Sir. Hope you are well. Also hope you read your comments as well.
    I wish I was tuned in during live. I think Hyperwave is fascinating and life saver, especially if you know you're in one. However, I'm curious that since Bitcoin may be in Wave 1, I think confirming wave 2, or something like that, (I've only caught pieces from previous vids a while ago). Nonetheless, How does this knowledge benefit us today or near future being that phase 1 can take many years before confirming?
    (If anyone else has this answer, plz feel free to answer)

    In addition, my comment pertaining to money mgmt..
    If I should invest with a limited percent of investment funds and If we are only in phase 1, I don't think I want to wait 17 years until we get to phase 2 to buy more.. Lol JK
    Thank you in Advance if answered

  5. This is history, no plunge protection for bigcoin!? Too many empty tokens… Nobody wants to really use it. Bitcoin is stillvery high price, 7k! No gravestone yet… Tombstone party for all coins coming?!

  6. Thank you guys. Tyler, really, thank God you came into the Cryptospace.
    Btw on the weekly chart TD has its TDST support in the 4k area. So it matchs with Tyler projection of not closing under 4k

  7. TA can't predict long term trends . One big announcement and price could shoot straight back up and then you can toss this chart. But thanks for all the information, very interesting.

  8. Come on guys, why are you doing this? Recap all the stuff? I've only seen the last couple of video's, but this stuff is dead easy. You've some very good explanatory video's about it. Why would you recap this stuff? Tell people to go back to older video's, like Tone does.

  9. If it does drop to Phase 1, it will 100% go back into another hyperwave. This is the new world currency. no matter what the price is, it is an exchange of value. there are industries and corporations being built around it at an exponential pace. Bitcoin isnt going anywhere ever.

  10. I am not on board… I think the TA lines and even the call is waaay off. I am new to Hyperwave, but seems a bit generalized to cap a new emerging asset into 7 general lines.. and if those lines are wrong.. the entire analysis is wrong..

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