Bitcoin Holding Steady – Cryptocurrency Bots Dictating The Market?

Bitcoin seems to be holding steady, but I’m not convinced and still feel that a $6k Bitcoin is on the near horizon. We also talk about Cryptocurrency trading Bots, and how the big Whales play…


  1. Hi,

    I am 14 and I want to get into cryptocurrency, the thing is though I don't know where to start. Could you maybe tell me where to start? Or any general tips that could help me into getting started in cryptocurrency

    Thank you.

  2. Yo B!, You said in your previous videos that we saw volume coming back at 6,000$ (BTCUSD : coinbase) , But when we compare to Previous Volume during the Run Up, it's around 20% of the biggest Volume candle (12-07-2017). Is it enough to say that it's looking good ?

    Also Volume on BTCUSD : coinbase and BTCUSD : Bitfinex is giving totally different perspective ? Can someone help me clarify, What Volume should we consider most ? Especially with Recent events on Bitfinex ? Thanks

  3. More like whales dictating the market and whatever tools they own including bots…….at least, I am glad that people finally get it that no matter how good you are at day trading, you are not going to beat the bots. Of course, not those bots that are on open sales in the market. The real good ones are owned and maintaining by the whales and institutions and they cannot be bought.

  4. I just purchased my first bit of cryptocurrency 4 days ago during that time watching the prices it was very strange to see everything moved up and down with each other in price and almost as if the percentages and numbers even matched up sequentially. I'm not sure if that's normal but it just seems very strange to me that everything had a common factor

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