Bitcoin health, not good.

Bitcoin is not looking healthy, the altcoin market is being decimated. ETH is about to take out a key Trendline Follow me on Twitter! @realcryptotrade POWER …


  1. I think this is right on. We are only going on 9 months into this bear market. The last bear market from Jan 2014 was not over until Nov 2015, a full 22 months later, and it did not even start to move sideways until a full year after the original drop started from Dec 2013. I think too many people want a new bull market yesterday but history says that it does not work that way. This next bull market could happen a little faster than 2014/2015 did, but certainly not now, next week, or next month. We could very well move under $100B to around $80B first, as that is where we were in Oct 2017, so its certainly possible that we could see that level again. Its well-known that many more people bought into the last bull after Sept 2017 than they did during the preceding 2 years building up to Dec 2017, so these post Sept '17 buyers all want to see a bull right now, of course. But markets could care less when someone bought so these people need to wait just like everyone else. We will see a bull again, just not as soon as most think.

  2. Screw $5800, let's take her down to $5,000? Let's see, how many people dump their bitcoin currencies at $5,000? That would be a great starting point before bitcoin will drop further in price?

  3. im just amazed ppl are selling at this level
    this must purely just be circulating supply which is tiny comparatively
    plus sales for expenses at large farms
    other than that its kinda not worth selling it for fiat unless u bought way lower and im sure many of them are gone by now

  4. You're seeing what you want to see, but missing the obvious. Bitcoin has been trapped inside a wedge for months. It's bouncing top to bottom inside of it. Until we get closer to the end it ain't making new lows or new highs. However please short the market at 6000 so we can expose another amature trader.

  5. I was looking at the RSI divergence some time ago, my conclusion is that it only takes 14 days into the calculation, so use the weekly chart. In the weekly chart the divergence is no longer so clear

  6. Hey Randy love your videos. I think technically you could call that hidden bearish divergence in the context of a downtrend. As bulls try harder but make lower lows

  7. Another question just scoped out when looking your daily BTC charting. Could we see a ~3 month sell off/bear season? Looking March sell of was 1month, May was 2 monhts. August 2-3 Months? Does it make any sense Real-Crypto ?

  8. could we think price bounces or keeps leveling, as maybe people switch to BTC from alts that are bound to die away? BTW figured that I will keep my Price: 10-18k BTC losses at vault and try doing something smarter with dollarcostaveraging and selling when prices starts going down. 1st try was bought with 200e and sold and got 185 because I wasnt keeping up with market for a while. No matter still better than what it would be if I kept it. Now waiting for a re entry with that amount trying to get it back above 200 for starters. Cheers! ya'll have a great weekend!

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