Bitcoin Has Become Legacy Tech And Is Getting Replaced

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  1. Bitcoin is like an Army tank. This is not a technological flaw, it is the best design possible. We keep the block small so that Bitcoin node can run in 10, 20 and 50 years on anybody's laptop with anybody's internet connexion. If ever the States wants to ban or destroy Bitcoin they won't succeed. Having biggers blocks and faster transaction times would be a flaw since it would take more computer ressources and it would be more vulnerable. I have a bacchelor in computer science and in mathematics. This author of this article is completly wrong about Bitcoin. Bitcoin architecture is beeing design to be able to last for hundread of years. Proof of work is not an old technology. Any mathematician that analyse Proof of Work and Prrof of Stake would tell this author of the article that Proof of Work is much more robust. With proof of Stake, you could get centralizations. Eventually, the Central Banks of the big countries could take control of a coin having Proof of Stake and change its rules.

  2. Мне очень нравится Zilliqa-coin) они говорят, что это может сделать x100 в этом году) бесплатные монеты пришли из airdrop) теперь я покупаю попкорн, просто сидя и ожидая роста)) надеюсь прибыль на Зиллику покроет мои потери от ряби 🙂

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