Bitcoin (BTC) has had a golden cross on the bitcoin cryptocurrency price chart indicating a bull market confirmation. I explain the BTC crypto golden cross in this …


  1. I like this video, but I disagree on the Buffet comment regarding your disagreement on the "you're just hoping the next guy pays more" quote. My reasoning behind this is Bitcoin is not a project or company, it is simply an asset with value that has a very low real-world presence and potential for use. Crypto coins like XRP, ZIL, NEO, ETH etc. are aspects of projects that utilise blockchain technology and have the potential for real-world application. Bitcoin is not, it was the basis for the whole blockchain premise, but Bitcoin as a currency is gaining value due to it being considered the big cheese of cryptocurrency. Sure, people by stocks and altcoins so "the next guy pays more" but it's (mostly) based on real-world occurrences: a successful quarter, release of a new product etc.

    I long for the day Bitcoin dies and becomes relatively obsolete, so we can trade and promote altcoin projects as their own individual entities with no ties to Bitcoin. I've worked in several FIs and I firmly believe an anonymous currency such as Bitcoin – which its sole intent is for anonymous transfer of funds, will NEVER see mass adoption. In reality, we need to know where large sums of money are moving, it's essential to prevent tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist financing – all of which a mass adoption of Bitcoin could facilitate.

    I highly doubt we will ever see these highly speculative figures such as 100k/250k per Bitcoin, and I believe 20k was the "moon". Nonetheless, blockchain itself is a truly revolutionary concept – particularly with the integration and use of smart contracts – that I expect to see integrated across a lot of systems within the coming years, projects like Ethereum, Ripple and Zilliqa pave this way. I interact with you on Twitter occasionally, I'm Nfx – if you remember.

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