Bitcoin Gold Scam??? What happend to the ICO?? be careful!

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  1. Come with me for a minute and lets put our conspiracy hats on…
    What if this was a plan to send shock waves through the Bitcoin ecosystem? It would make all the Jamie Dimon's of the world right. All their investors would flock back to them after being burnt by the evil "fake" internet money

  2. I was there, watching the live stream when the idea of BTC gold was thought up. It really started as a joke, I never thought the guy would go through with it. My guess, he saw the "success" of BTC cash and thought "free money" right? Sell it off for BTC, someone will buy it. Increase your stack. That's the name of the game. From my understanding the ICO didn't work as planned. The reason why the algo isn't finished is because hes busy writing the 8% block fee that he'll be keeping from each block. Who needs an ICO when you can add a mining dev fee. Worked well for Zcash after all. BTW all this took place on "Digital Gold" youtube channel. I like this community, the people in this space are great, And I like Digital Gold's channel, but I'll call a scam a scam when I see one. The person forking this, All I know is his name is Brice and he said he's working with "some dude in Thailand," he's taking advantage of people in the hopes that he can make some free money. There's alot of things happening behind the scenes, Digital Gold does alot in the crypto sphere and knows some pretty important players. There might be more powerful hands pushing this, than they are letting on.

  3. Iโ€™m not saying youโ€™re wrong but the BTG team have said replay protection will be in place on their Twitter feed. Caution is the way forward on this one…

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