Bitcoin Getting Stronger – June 6th Prophecy? Huobi Fund, ETFs, Building An Asset Class – Ep210

It’s looking better than it did last week – we’re watching BTC and the asset class develop for the next big run. Links: Huobi + $166M: …


  1. Hitbtc has sold and bought all my coins on there website until all my funds went into fees they stole 18k dollars from me, please I need someone help I don’t know what to do, I have emailed them and they reply they can’t do anything about it, please someone help me.

  2. Listen.. as long we are the BART Simpson head shapes with the deep long candles play out on the charts.. no way will investors buy in. That means thier market is manipulated and uncertain. These are never bullish moves.. ever

  3. Carter, not looking for a suggestion to buy or sell, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Request Network. Do you think that it has potential to provide substantial value to the crytpo ecosystem through facilitating adoption and use cases, or is their position in the space too tangental and auxiliary to be a good look at this point in time?

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