Bitcoin Futures Contracts Have Been a Hit! – Altcoin Futures are Coming! [SOON]?

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  3. Why r u happy with alts futures futures are the reason bitcoin is gettin lower and lower 😣it just made to allow governments and institutions to short bitcoin if etfs were not approved and alt futures were takin place we will be doomed for another year or something

  4. They are just trying to turn crypto currency into their new stock market playground with the manipulation toys (futures,etf,margin,shorts)! It was designed for the people, by the people. Not some greedy fucking "accredited investor" elite!! If the SEC give them the green light, do you think they will let you little guppies swim with the sharks?!!

  5. altcoin futures contracts also tell me something… ( give me your BTC bicouse we gona pretend we gona make altcoin futures contracts to make peapol sell their BTC bicouse BTC will be the king and all of you gona be losers )

  6. Thanks for taking time away from family for us. That is a invaluable trade off! I hope with all my being people see what these institutions are created for. It is not you and I. 1/2 of 1% getting another 66,666 Billion in tax breaks in U.S the other trickles down to just the little billionaires and millionaires. Do not let them mess this up! If they were so worried about us, where were they when I lost 40% of my 401K. Who did they bail out? Not me. Think about it? Maybe Zcash, Monero etc is an option best suited for me anyways. Until they put tax expenditures and campaign donations on blockchain I consider every dollar I pay as stolen from me…

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