1. You just see what you want on the chart. You are clearly a beartard

    Btc is just ready for a strong upmove which doesn’t mean a new ATH
    As I had fun of seeing bulltard got rekt this time I’ll have fun of seeing ppl like you get rekt hard
    The fact you just said 4/5k inc since June because of g20 narrative it’s all I need to say you are clueless and beartard
    Good luck Ernie and make a video when we break 10k

    Btw short it big here cuz it will go down hard to 3/4K as it should have did in July LOL
    Can’t really wait for your rektage

    I don’t care if btc is a scam or not. I’ll ride the wave where you get rekt. It’s just time for ppl like you to go broke with 1 trade shorting all the way up like a desperate hahahahaha

  2. No sir, bitcoin is not tied to the SEC or anything government related as a result for growth. We're simply looking for a slingshot effect because we just happened to be in this situation. But your thinking on the retail/institutional level which is not my concern. It's the the banks and absorption of hyperinflation in our world economy that gives cryptos the best use case of all use cases in history. Thanks for your video.

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