1. The dumping of 100,000 BTC is most likely reason for the dip … but if I were the owner of that 100,000 BTC, it would really be the most stupid move to sell most of them today when we are at an ultra low bearish market. I would have just sold 1 or 2 BTC a month to pay for my monthly expenses … and just wait for another year for the prices to sky rocket

  2. Check out the chart guys video today. He nailed it. Wash trading. You actually covered the initial wash in one of your videos. OH there it is. Reason 4 but you missed the buys that happened simultaneously so the shorts didn’t crash the price. It was a clear wash trade and dump with news. Suspect #1, whoever published that Goldman article.

  3. And also I read that news about Goldman Sachs dropping crypto is fake news. Maybe the source of it is trying to pull something.
    There is also a news about the DX Exchange powered by NASDAQ having already 0.5M registered users ahead launch. Isn't that bullish long term?

  4. I am also think that what is happening right now, is something like you said last.
    A huge player doing some shorts.
    Shorts are again in ATH maybe someone knows something or someone is trying to survive a huge short.
    Finally you switched to the dark theme. If you try to check charts in the middle of the night you will go blind with the white background.

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