Bitcoin price is currently showing support at a key fibonnaci retracement level. In this bitcoin technical analysis video we look at btc price and the bitcoin bear …


  1. Well 2019 won’t be the year. In fact all the whales just woke up and cash their losses. In combination with worthless crypto adoption. Crypto will be extincted within 10 years. The most will be mined and sold. Am I being negative? Just realistic. I lost a lot of money just like a lot of people on these kind of channels. But keep up the dream and good work!

  2. Great work with your videos! Clean format and one of the few Crypto enthusiasts who use Technical Analysis. I have traded FOREX full-time for a few years and have been following the markets for over a decade and I've come to learn that many institutional traders focus on the 100 EMA and 250 EMA on the Weekly time frame. Check out the last few major Boom / Bust cycles with Bitcoin using the 250 EMA. Also, while you're at it, feel free to put up the 250 EMA on Gold, Dollar, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Oil, as well as all of the major FX pairs and you will see how price respects these 2 moving averages on the larger time frame. D1 20 EMA & 50 EMA are also very important to institutional traders, again, keep up the good work and I know all of your subscribers appreciate the time you put in.

  3. To much speculation, traders and whales in BTC now. So if you in it for the longer period know that BTC becomes interested again to buy for the longer term if it goes under USD 1000.

  4. Dan – type in TOTAL in TradingView and then choose the Crypto Total Market cap.
    Never knew about this chart til today – great way to look at the whole picture / what the big $$$ investors look at. It’s like looking at a DOW chart but for Cryptos. Gives you a great view!!!

  5. I finally got back into BTC last week and bam down we go again. I'm done with all this crypto BS. It's not an investment, it's gambling plain and simple. It with never be a currency as the rich already own 95% of all cryptos including BTC. It's a scam. Never again! Moving on with my life.

  6. French Yellow Vests ‘Proof of Stash’ event is due this Saturday when depositors are urged to withdraw money from the banking system! May affect Bitcoin market in France and elsewhere if fractional reserve banks are under financial pressure!

  7. The weak hands are showing their true colors and selling during this winter bear run. It's a great time to accumulate for those who can afford to do so. BTC may drop further in the coming days but I believe we found the bottom. In my opinion $8,000 BTC will be seen again in the first quarter.

  8. Gutted was looking to offload incrementally up to about 5k then almost exit waiting for lower prices so I could sleep easily again! Now I have to hold the lot and watch it drop to 2.5k?

  9. Great video, first person I've found on youtube so far that does a decent job with TA. I'm actually happy about the failed neck and shoulders, I think the bounce happened to quick for a true recovery.. We need another few months of this.

  10. Gonna go to in between 3k and 3,500k on sideways again. Than drop to 2800 to 2500. It will touch 2200. Than jump back up to 3k to 3500k. Drop back down to 2500k. Than it will go down to 1500k. Side again. Drop down to 1k. 1k is the the bottom. I'm sticking to that.

  11. Today definitely hurts a bit but it's all part of the growing crypto market process! Still 100% bullish on btc and will just wait for the inevitable next bull run! Hodl and believe everyone!

  12. I will change my views from yesterday comment, i will say we are close to bottom my opinion we are now 50/50
    So i will say if we broke 3000$ then potentially we go to 2400$ and the bottom if not broken 3K then this is the Bottom around 3100$ and 3300$ PEACE

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