Bitcoin falls bellow it’s Trendline…

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  1. Nice video 👍
    I think the most possible scenario is contiuation that in this case is being bearish from the begining of 2018. The technical analysis and price behaviour showed bearish sentiment and we expected the price to drop. If we break 6425$ support line the next target is going to be 3850$ and after that we expect to dip down to 1600$. I know this is not what we want but we cannot change the price based on what we want. I suggest everyone to chek the short positions increment in furture market that is a great deal regarding future prices.

  2. Sunny-I am starting a YouTube channel in another niche. Do you get paid on views or when people click on the ads? Can you point me in right direction. Thanks and love your videos on Crypto.

  3. The problem with all that is how ez people talk about the futur of crypto. Like if they are 100% sure about an upcomming bullrun. Im ok about that way of thinking if the person is here for the tech it will be easier to hold but we all know that many are here to get quick bucks. We need to shake those to get back at ATH.

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