1. Oh man… i fast forward to jump over your commercials, but i right jumped into the next one.
    I don´t know what you want to say, but i think i´ve heard enough from you…
    This is the kind of videos nobody needs to see.

  2. I am available to attend you class. My hourly rate is $100 but if you act now I will cut my rate in half. But only for you cause I like your bow tie. Very original!

  3. Hey Steve, i knew when i started watching your videos earlier this year that you were a special kind of person, it just comes through your personality as you being a kind, genuine, honest, trustworthy helpful kind of guy. To now listen to your story of what you have done for all the kids and the dogs as well, well lets say it puts a smile on my dile. Give your self and your fiance Pauline whom i am sure is probably even a nicer person, if that's possible, a big hug and thank you from the bottom of my Heart. Peace and Love to you Both PS Great video, Cheers

  4. shit, this made me bearish short-term… however, i rechecked this and the angle can be "adjusted" based on the scaling you have, so i don't think it's a direct parallel. looks more like we're consolidating here and up we go again.

  5. long time listener. Actually got sent here by one of my co-residents. Commenting because #changelives I think we will soon have the funds to to start an independent clothing drive for a pretty desperate NYC community in the South Bronx. Our institution is taking a lackadaisical approach to dealing with this elephant in the room. Winters are cold, cold people need clothes, we are funding them with support drives and money out of our own pockets. #welcometothehood

  6. In general, I agree with your charts and info, Steve. However, I have said it many times: the 2014 graph. although similar, it is NOT a copy of what we have right now. In 2018, the 6,000-5,800 line has been tested no less than 4-5 times and have always held as support. In 2014, the third or fourth contact BROKE the line and sunk the BTC price quite lower. So, in this case, I do expect the beginning of the trend reversal give the sideways consolidation and the low volume. It is probable we may have a big move upwards in order to confirm the change in trends. We shall see. Have a nice one Steve and peace & love to the Crypto Crew…

  7. Steve, you keep changing the current point compared to the 2014's BTC chart. In the past, you showed that we were a lot forwarded point compare to 2014's chart, but today, we went backward by many months. Probably you forgot how you compared these two charts before! Also, what's the punch line, shocking news??? You just seam to scare people using 2014 chart by predicting BTC will fall severely. Always right after your BTC price fall prediction, you show your course advertisement with never ending sales. engagement sale, pregnancy sale, baby coming sale, please stop this and show people the real content with real prediction but no more tease.

  8. Howdy Steve! Love what you are doing. On a side note you should check out https://www.blockchain.com/charts/n-transactions-per-block?timespan=all . The Average Number Of Transactions Per Block has been up-trending since the beginning of 2018. This is volume of on-chain transactions not the value of the transactions but it shows an increase in the network effect during this year unlike the 2014 time period. As you can see the volume of on chain transactions during 2014 was range bound until the end of 2014 at which it began to trend upward. I believe that the volume info on the exchanges are a bit deceiving because it dose not represent on-chain volume or OTC trades, and only represents the volume that is happening on exchanges which have very low liquidity compared to the market at whole. Anyhow, all the Best. Viva la Blockchain.

  9. u still running ur tech analysis based on 2104 ?come on steve? but u also at the end say ya next six months market should bounce duh? u sound like trump?wat does u having a baby have anything to do with us? like trump say and do anything get elected come on steve mr CEO PRODUCE better show stop begging

  10. Thanks again for the great content Steve! Sounds like halloween was a blast in Ecuador! Had to take a break from classes for a week, went to Crypto Con! Now Im back and back after it! So excited to get back to the classes! Thanks for all you do! Congrats again on the new coming addition to your family!

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