Bitcoin Ethereum XRP MDABTC Technical Analysis Chart 10/10/2018 by

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  1. I wonder if BTC not proving itself as a safe haven could cause more loses as investors holding out hope for that use case give up and take capital else were. Maybe even to the equity markets banking on a recovery from deep discounts.

  2. been watching that descending trendline for months now and opening short positions every time one of the btc rallies got near it….. was pretty obvious it was going to happen again, though obviously not guaranteed…….i think it's a coincidence that the stock market dumed around the same time, bearing in mind that we've been at this descending trendline for a good few days already.

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  4. To those saying 'but it dumped!', remember that before the big move you often see the terminal shakeout. In Wyckoff it is called a spring or a (secondary) test. Bulls want the people selling at the first dip to leave the market, otherwise a bull run will be weak AF. Too many bots in the market too at the moment. If I was to pump 1B into the market, I would prefer to have some algos on my side. That happens after a shakeout. Not all dips are bearish.

  5. Is it really some bulls here and some bears over there, or is it just a bunch of big traders who manipulate the trend either way, with deep pockets so they can cause a pump or a dump (working with sentiment) and go long or short on whichever way they force it to go?

  6. When stocks crash investors first move to USD. It takes sometime before they realize the stock market is going further down taking the economy with it. At that point they will move to deflationary assets.

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