Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple LINK DASH Technical Analysis Chart 9/20/2018 by

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  1. The coin is XRP. Ripple is a name of the company that holds many XRP. Just to clarify. They are not directly related. There is much misunderstanding about this coin. It is not centralized either. There is a nice clarifying video from the "In it for the Money" channel. Check it out yall.

  2. Love the charting, but honestly, it was the video at the end. Amazing quality and music. The part where your feet are in the water and you add…Comfortably numb, made me know once again what a cool person you are. Gracias, Dan.

  3. You rock Dan. Love the djembe in all the vids. Hope we get to jam some day. Rhythms are fun to trade too🤘. Playin lots of west African here (wherever I am). Just reskinned my sisters djembe. Been playin about 20 years ✌️

  4. Dan – You are a gem. I relate with what you mentioned about Parenting. It is such a important quality of parenting…my parents gave me that breathing space during my childhood and even now as well. That makes them so special to me…I love them to the core. Thank you for sharing. Do good things 🙂

  5. Thx for the informative video and i couldnt agree more with your advice at the end. I was independent and on my own at 16 and experienced a lot more than most people early on and I think that has made me more wise than others my age. Anyhow keep up the great wrk, appreciate your quality content.

  6. Is there an app or website that shows all the Alt coins in real time where one could see that certain alt coins are starting to go up? Like with so many alt tokens how can one see them all to be able to notice which ones are picking up? I just dont get how anyone can get in on the alt tokens that are big gainers each day.

  7. You're the best man….
    Learn cryptos as you learn life..
    Thanks for your wonderful life stories, brings things home.
    No one on their deathbed…I'm sure, said " I wish I spent more time at the office"
    Cheers and God bless all!..and the sheep too!

  8. Wow. Best video…ending wins it. Also, I won't go into XRP just to flip at this point, will stick to waiting for Btc and Eth to decide what they want to do.

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