1. I skipped over the video last night because of the thumbnail. I remembered it and when I seen Bitcoin go to $6,500 this morning I looked for it just to see a confident seller that made the wrong move one day to soon. Lol you crushed all of my dreams. Didn't watch full video because I dislike clickbait. But do whatever works for you. Glad you still got your Bitcoin 😉

  2. Hey jack have a question for you regarding the eur/gbp charts as ive just been giving revolut a try trading Ethereum but im confused at what chart i should be looking at? GBP has only recently been added to coinbase and available on tradingview but to me the chart look the same? any thoughts 🙂

  3. You wrong Colonel Sanders bitcoin going down with no indications of any upward momentum. 6000 – 5700 here we come. No reason to be buying right now at all unless ya wanna get rekt…

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