Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP BCH Technical Analysis Chart 1/11/2019 by

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  2. Sometimes I feel like I'm some market maker's trinket. I need to dust off my old charms and create my own force field maybe. Now that SHOULD be considered financial advice. Thanks and very cool collection. Bert must be the Ace in the Hole. Nobody expects his chart kung fu.

    Maybe a good product pitch would be Bert dolls, with a string to pull, to cause him to speak quotes from Confusius. Maybe Sun Tzu for Ernie. And they both have to laugh after each quote.

    Call the brand Speak and Sell.

  3. Xrp had a one minute spike last night that triggered my stop-bye for my bearish position. Really getting tired of all the stop hunters in xrp/binance. They have gotten me twice in 48 hrs grrrrr

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