Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/21/2018 by

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  2. what exchange do you use for USD to crypto trading? since you said "I'm all cash now" I'm assuming you switched all over to USD? or do you use coins like USDT? sorry for all the questions lol

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  4. Hi Dan, re: the possible hourly oversold bounce…just want to know if we should be looking for an RSI of 30 or low 20's on the hourly chart before scaling in my orders. Thanks

  5. @TheChartGuys – I just want to say thank you for all you do. I've been following you for several months now, and despite having been a very successful long-term investor in equities, I've never understood the day-to-day movements in any market. Thanks to your patience, excellent videos, and your charting work, I'm beginning to develop the skills I've always wanted.

    Thanks again for your great work, and please keep it up. You're making a difference to those of us who are following you.

    (I posted this on TradingView but wanted to make sure I posted it somewhere with a more lively comments section, too – thank you, Dan!)

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