Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/14/2018 by

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  3. Hello Dan! It might be a silly question but one thing you mention quite often is 'I am all cash'. As a beginner in crypto, I don't quite understand how you manage to convert crypto to cash and cash to crypto so quickly, since it takes few days to make a transfer from for example Coinbase to the bank account. So being all cash would mean converting for example BTC to fiat and then sending it to bank account or what do you mean by that? In my understanding you would be able to enter the trade again few days later once you make a transfer back to the exchange.

    Or do you keep it on the exchange in USD and that's what you mean by 'all cash', but that's very risky, isn't it?

    Or maybe you mean Tether by 'all cash'. I would be grateful for your answer.

  4. There are mainly two kinds of trading analysis one is fundamental and another one is technical analysis. To every technical analyzers broker selection gets the most priority. Trade12 provides me more than 250 technical tools to make survey over the market and they also ensures technical signals to the traders indeed.

  5. Was watching the bear flag form, saw it break bearish, got abnormal volume alert, exited position. Feel like I did everything right. Trying to preserve capital and playing what I see. Next thing I know, missed 7% move on BCH. Extremely frustrating. Was thinking about it afterward and remembered that phenomenon from April where it seemed like every major pump was preceded by bulls triggering shorts and then buying the dip. Hindsight is 20/20 though and I wasn't looking for that situation. What would you have done differently Dan?

  6. Hey chart guy!!!! Or anybody, say u are fixed on selling some coin if 5k goes to 10k, not that i will sell but whats a realistic amount to take out at that point, im thinking 1 to 2 k , prob 1 k. But is there a smart way to calculate? Please help people!!!

  7. Good to see you having a level head on the Consensus front Dan. The crypto Facebook group I am part of has been nothing but all day nonsense of insane and unsubstantiated price predictions because of one conference. If I honestly see another reference to 'moons' or 'Lambos' I'll probably scream. Your usual rational approach is a welcome relief, many thanks.

  8. So right, Dan…When you have the impulse to be in touch with someone…do it. This past year – I procrastinated in reaching out and 2 of those friends passed away. Never have that chance again to connect with them and share some love. Don't wait…we never know what lies ahead xoxo

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