Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/13/2018 by

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  1. Bears have a potential top fishing play when hourly higher lows are lost, exit with a higher high, and look to capitalize if it is indeed a daily bear flag. Decent risk to reward setup.

  2. "All our unhappiness comes from our inability to sit alone in a room" Blaise Pascal
    Couldn't agree more with your end of video remarks. I feel that somewhere deep within you, if you ever find the time, is an awesome (not trading related) podcast waiting to happen

  3. I'm opposite. I am very comfortable alone. Its being around people that seems like work. I'm pushing myself to go out and dance this weekend. I usually watch you on my tv, but since they updated the youtube app on LG, I cant give thumbs up rating. I hope its not like this on other TV youtube apps, Its going to really cut down on the number of ratings.

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  5. Stick to analysis and charts. Your attempt at philosophy toward the end was ridiculous.

    Firstly, you aren't stating anything new or even true. You're simply parroting the assumed fundamental values of western anglo culture, which is the cult of individualism.

    Secondly, you don't know what you're talking about. Not only did you begin that little attempt at life lessons with a contradiction, but I doubt you have the slightest understanding of human eyhology and psychological needs.
    You can't say that we are "social animals" and attempt to isolate humans as though they ought to not follow their nature. You lack any scientific understanding. What precisely does it mean that we are social animals? I ask because after what I heard you saying I doubt that you could explain it.
    Since humans are indeed gregarious and social animals, it basically means we need the opposite of that bs individualist ideology you were spewing.

    Being social animals isn't a malleable personality trait or something. It describes empirical and concrete reality of that which we as organisms need and depend on. It's the basics of biology, except complex psychological creatures such as apes have equally complex needs beyond less complex organisms.
    Part of that means that we, in the proper function of our species population, depend on and need other people in the ranks of the community.
    Individualism has no place in describing a scientifically accurate model of human needs. In fact,it leads to harm and is a crock of crap when people come along with their pseudo intellectual ideas that are just parroting the silly notions of people like John Locke with his scientifically false claim of tabula rasa et al.

  6. Always great content ,always looking forward for your uploads daily .There are so many youtube channels about crypto ,but you are the only one that keeps me coming back for more because you are giving solid techniques that are proven to work . I literally watch your videos twice and take notes and this notebook is GOLDEN . You don't shill , you are just as honest as it gets . Doing all this for Free for us proves you always do good things and want nothing in return but for us to spread the same message. Wishing you a longgggg and healthy life .

  7. Man, good words. Was telling my bass player earlier about how in the 80s it was "greed is good" and "knock over your brother to get yours" type mentality in trade and investment. Now we are in a different mindset. A lot of traders and investors are "zen traders" and have more of a spiritual/common good mindset. It's really great.

    Learning to trade better must go hand in hand with learning to live better.

    Really appreciate the ideas you spread.

  8. Dan, that's ok for you to say at 30 that being lonely, or alone, is ok. I know myself. I'm 50. Being alone, and lonely, at my age is shit. Enjoy what you have. And to everybody out there who has a heart and a brain: remember to make some children. Don't think that the world is already over-populated, and so not bother. There are too many idiot-people making idiot kids. If you know you have a brain, and a heart, then go and make some more good brains and hearts. This world needs good people more than ever to counteract the evil, mindless, degenerate sods of earth that lable themselves human beings. The first good thing all Americans of value can do is vote out your cheating and degenerate president. He is an evil stain on all our world, and his reach extends far beyond your self-made borders.

  9. '… Since Ethereum hit its bottom…' I'm sorry, I had to laugh :-). We all hit our bottoms sometime… Good luck, all. Perhaps a good gameplan is not to chase the market anymore. It's not in our hands anymore. Buy a bit, and leave it. End of my amateur story.

  10. Dan, you are wise beyond your years. You "do good things" everyday by sharing your knowledge with us "newbies" (even though I am easily old enough to be your dad). Thank you.

  11. Would you trade a skill set for another? I've been learning from you from September. I'm still learning but what your teaching is potentially life changing.
    Have you ever tried learning an instrument? I would happily trade piano, or guitar or general music theory ideas or skills for your skills… Random I know but it's worth a punt. Either way… Keep up the good work x

  12. Dan, you're an amazing young man! We need more like you. If you ever come to SF or the Bay area, you sure will have a place to stay. Appreciate everything you do ! You're the best out there.

  13. For a chart chart guy, you have a great macro perspective on life.
    Great channel and work consistently.
    I'm a 561 guy if you're in the area, get some Taco al Carbon

    Much appreciated

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