Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/27/2018 by

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  4. Dan can you take a look at EOS and/or Binance coin in one of your next vids? These 2 coins have been killing it/outperforming with BNB coin finally resolving its consolidation to the uside

  5. When you exit a position in a drop, do you market sell to ensure you lock in profits now? Or do you place a limit sell order and hope some idiot buys on the way down?

  6. you're gonna be a legend soon. wouldn't be surprised if i see you on cnbc fast money within the next year or two. thanks for your insight broseph.

  7. #TheChartGuys hey what platform do you use for trading. Recently I saw one of your videos where you (crypto kid) 😉 sais that you always use limit stop order to avoid slippage. I'm using Kraken and there is no (or I cannot find) way you can put stop loss limit order. I can put only stop loss makret order.

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  9. I think I am slowly starting to follow this.. I do have a question though at 12:41 you have up the 1 hour chart on BTC and you are talking about scaling out %20 and you start pointing at the chart and reading off numbers that aren't on the chart and don't make sense. " 20% at 8190 20% at 8249 20% at 8299 and 20% at 8349 " Then all the sudden you point to, " dont know if the hi is going to be 93 or 95" which I assume means 9300 or 9500. I want to understand this scaling in and scaling out.. Were you just misreading the numbers?

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