Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/31/2018 by

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  2. Keep up the great work, loving your charts. I’m more an altcoin guy, but the lessons youre teaching me via the big three are appreciated and carry over into “ShitcoinLand”. 😉

  3. ETH Bounce Defying RSI? How do you spot a temporary bounce? I put a short order on ETH at around 11.57 am when the RSIs were over 40 in the 15, 30m and hour. The Daily RSI however, was at 26! The last candle had closed below the 12 and 26 EMAs… I thought we needed a low to mid-20s to see a bounce but was this because the daily RSI is very cheap? Not sure how to gauge the RSIs in different time frames to spot a break. My intention was to trade the short for up to four hours.

  4. I'd expect market to tank now surely if this is not an April fool joke… First came across on my russia today app, however it showed was from World News… So not sure if legit ot not… If it is, surely with Trump's comments on Amazon and this news about China hitting back on tariff's could sink the market and itr's why day traders have an advantage in these situations over all those poor ones that swung traded on Thursday.. I suppose we will soon find out in few hours time when the U.S futures open up a bit later….

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  6. Could we get some of your insight on BNB? How high you think it will go? Will there be a big dump before a big spike? Being new to crypto I've been trying to identify previous patterns and I'm getting better. However BNB seems to be a little harder. I don't know, maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem to be be producing consistent patterns that I can use to use.

  7. Oh I have a question. Why are you using the 12, 26 EMAs and not the 200EMA and say 50 or 20EMA. Is it because the 12 and 26 help you gauge the more recent bear-channel price action?

  8. Thanks, Dan the man. I am in a long bullish position which I got caught into from a false bullish breakout but waiting for the RSIs to hit the mid-20s and another bounce to get out!

  9. Happy Everyday… 🙂 :-). It was Full Moon – Purnama – in Bali yesterday, which also coincided with Tumpek Landep – the day when all things made of metal are blessed. So I made sure my Mac was in the line-up along with our knives, pots and pans… :-). Happy Everyday, people. And beautiful content by Mr. Dan. Thanks from Indonesia.

  10. Coinbase trading bot is the most likely culprit. They swear that they aren’t front running. But they aren’t to be trusted in my eyes. Imagine the serious bit coin they have to play against their own customers. There’s no regulation so they can do whatever they want. You really shouldn’t use Coinbase or GDAX

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