Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/14/2018 by

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  1. You saved me some money yesterday. When you said you want to see the 5 min, 15 min, and hourly rsi at or below 30, I felt like the trading opportunities would be extremely limited, but I went along with it, and watched a 15% drop from the sidelines! Thanks.

  2. Traders that buy and sell instead of hold and spend are part of the reason we're not at $20,000.. The biggest part is idiots buying Bitcoin on stock markets where they don't even own real BTC the stock market then buys BTC with your own money and dumps the market on you with large sells. ( Use a real cryptocurrency exchange idiots, not plus500 or other bullshit )

  3. Very interesting: the vast majority of the comments, on this guys channel, are IGNORANT today. It's just as ignorant as even having a "technical analysis" on this current market. Unreal… Crypto will take off after this forced suppression, and not a moment sooner. These "charts" are completely meaningless!

  4. I’m all cash this week and just studying and observing. I want to learn margin leverage trading as it’s all Bear for BTC and LTC to make the real profit. Let me know when course is updated and I’m all in

  5. "… A flush over 8000 psychological…" In Asian time here. $7,768 now… As a tiny investor, terrified to enter this market again until $4,000 hits. Just too scary.

  6. Great stuff Dan, thank you! I had to rewind and replay at .5 speed about 50x but this video helped me tremendously. Been working through the course and it is slowly making sense. I'm ready to make some gains on an oversold bounce!

  7. Crypto currency will take over the Banks just the way email replaced post office, I had 10.5Btc which dropped down to 5btc when i came across a testimony of a Pro Trader "Mr MORRIS ANDERSON, He is someone who have been in crypto currency for long and he have been able to keep my BITCOIN increasing even when people are crying about the crash which don’t really affect me, I was skeptical at first but i gave him a try, Right now i can boost of 25Btc in my wallet and it won’t be bad if i sell 16Btc and trade with my 8Btc over and over again, I want you guys to contact him on Morrisanderson678 @gmail .com, and you can also reach him on telegram and WhatsApp with +1 9 5 1 3 8 0 3 8 2 8 you can also Skype him on Morris_a85

  8. I think it's very plausible BTC drops to $4600-4700. The negative -0.236 and -0.618 Fib Levels have been insane in predicting the bottom of huge price plunges in the 2014 and current crash. It's pretty crazy how precisely these levels have held in the past(especially on BitStamp). $4600 also falls back to the top of the Log Channel BTC had been in (before May last year) since 2015.

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