Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Technical Analysis Chart 1/9/2018 by

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  1. Hey guys, re. the strength of Ethereum: Look at the pairs in correlation with each other. So if you look at ETH/BTC, you can see how clearly undervalued ETH was. We were basically down to 0,02 ETH/BTC, from 0,18, and now we've broken that and are going back to the highs of last year. You can even trade that on GDAX.

    I know this issue of correlations very well, since as a European trader, I always have to check if the rate in ETH/EUR is the right correlation of 1,2 to the rate of ETH/EUR. Sometimes the rate in EUR runs little faster (that happened e.g. at the 900 Euro psychological level), but then obviously it has to return to the EUR/USD of 1,2 currently.

    Re. the 'normal' ratio of ETH/BTC: This obviously depends on the longer term value of what both Ethereum and Bitcoin bring to the table. And here, all the information I have, shows me right now that Bitcoin with all its problems is clearly overvalued compared to the others.

  2. I think ethereum is so highly priced because the fees are high enough that many are just holding, rather than trading.. less coins available to purchase.. if the fees go down, the price will follow

  3. LOL every time I go all in on LTC I get crushed. the last time i got into LTC around 360 and took my losses when LTC was at 220! I know that i will take shit for this but obviously the ALTs were surging so I was able to double my money and benefit off the opportunity cost. LTC needs to go up but that requires BITCOIN to go UPP!

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