Litecoin and Ethereum are on a tare as the rest of the markets start to breathe after all of the momentum into BTC- Should be an interesting week as we are rolling up on some last all-time…


  1. Nice to see some movement on CVC today. We need to get a breakout going! Hoping for some significant Neo movement soon. Charts are looking promising for something big!

  2. Hey Bear, tanks for another top vid. You should check out SANT or Santiment token, its in line with Cliffs king of work, and has been performing very well for me so far, might be worth your time to check out, thanks

  3. I was an early evangelist for PAY, but they've been dragging the chain a bit. Card rollout is way too slow and the coin price has done nothing but disappoint. I still feel like they could become parabolic at some point, but I doubt it will ever come close to the moves that Bitcoin made in the interim.

  4. Your genius….please give report on holding on litecoin. I was able to use my litecoin to pay someone to help me family that has been affected from the California fire. I feel blessed I got to be able to..I have gotten terrible advice in the past. Your solid. Thank you for what you do. Blessings to you..

  5. Oh thank god (your explanation that some people are down 7 figures but stay calm) , I feel so much better about the erosion of 8BTC from my portfolio after my first month trading making 7BTC. I was seriously considering quitting while I was behind

  6. My friend predicted this rampage with bitcoin n told me to buy etherium as it’s the most respected by big business it’s a lot better in how it works and eventually will surpass bitcoin

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