Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin NEO Technical Analysis Chart 1/14/2018 by

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  1. Learning so much its crazy! I've been watching so many videos about trading and I keep coming back to Dan's Chart Guys videos. Very tempted to purchase the courses

  2. One of the articles you mentioned, about the metropolitan bank, is incorrect news! Check the link in the article. The bank is only blocking international wires, not ALL wires. Please make that clear to stop spreading FUD. Read the comments at the bottom of that article for more info.

  3. Ok my wife and I are new. I keep hearing lock in profits. What's the best way to do that when you only have 4 or 5000 in the market. Your cashing out? Or putting in tether?

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  5. Question: at 29:10 when you are talking about greed causing you to stop trading for the day, why would you classify it as greed as opposed to simply a signal of probability that ended up not playing out as anticipated? I'd love to see you get more in depth into how you rank the strength of signals and how you combine those to influence your moves but I'm sure there's a video or something I should be paying you for that discusses this.

  6. CHART GUY–I have a question, if you are reading comments. do you have a service that tracks the crypto stocks? id prefer that to getting account on coinbase or where ever.thanks

  7. Folks got a question: when he's buying into short-term dips like here in ETH, ready for the expected bounce, he's scaling in, i.e. buying more if the price goes down further after first buy-in. So do you think he's using stop-losses at that point? If so, where would you set them if you're half-expecting the price to go down further, and if not how do you protect yourself from a freak all-out dump?

  8. You are like a prophet – or should I say profit 😛 – when it comes to your ability to convey this invaluable knowledge to your audience with such clarity and conciseness (despite your occasional tongue tie, but even gods bleed). I hope you and your colleagues are extremely proud of what you guys are doing here. I have learned so much already and look forward to learning so much more, keep up the selfless work!

  9. Dan, your videos are great. I appreciate your non-biased approach to trading. Neutrality is far superior than the common, run of mill perma bull/bear traders. It refreshing to see a down-to-earth, mature outlook on these different markets.

    Much appreciated,
    Mark H.
    ETF Traders

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