Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 5/18/2018 by

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  1. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH! and the best part is ur signoff. Keep up the inspirational suggestions. Its funny… I look forward to hearing what good deed ur suggesting every day

  2. Dude you are delivering some seriously solid information on the daily with the speed and the tact!. Great work.
    When I get trigger happy and stray from your strategy is when I’ve lost trades.
    Thanks for the effort of wrapping your head around the bigger picture, and sharing it all.
    Do you have any videos that explain what exchanges you use to trade crypto and regular stocks too?
    I haven’t heard you mention those kind of specifics in your last month of videos.
    Assuming you just use GDAX for BTC/ETH/LTC?

  3. can you do a video explaing the equilibrium pattern? i dont understand why or what/how to define an equilibrium pattern. ive never heard of it before. tia

  4. Dan the man! ty for the videos. In this bearish market I do get a bit confused because I usually want to wait for the 4 hour to be oversold as well. Or is the hourly in the low 20's just as reliable?? 🙂

  5. Lol, and I thought I was the only one on the road not trying to be the first one to the red light. Seriously makes no sense. Don't know what's with people and illogical driving habits.

  6. hi there i really got a request to make,

    i wanna invest in stocks for 5 to 10 years , but i have no clue how it works. it is like cryptos u just buy a stock nd hold it a wallet??? if u can make an educational video about plz , it would be very helpful.

    thanks in advance

  7. Wicked vid as ever – Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂
    I love to time lights so I'm ok, but the dumbass tailgater behind me is the one that has to stop cos it turned red… 🙂
    Gotta love a "boy racer" in a "sleeper" – for better or worse, that's basically me… !!! 🙂

  8. Hi Dan, you always inspire me to have meaningful conversations and do good things, so today I went out to eat and there was a special needs worker and we had an awesome conversation about his dreams of getting his bike license and buying a street bike. Left a review for the business and would like to thank you for always reminding us to do good things

  9. I'm a btc hodler but this is interesting info anyway.
    I'm a very courteous driver except then the other car is a BMW. I've learned to expect nothing but rudeness from people who drive those cars so I suspend all courtesy them. Sorry if you're a polite BMW driver.

  10. Thank you for talking about drivers being mindful to use their blinkers at the end of the video. People not using their blinkers before turning is annoying because it's so dangerous.

  11. Would really like to know what brand of car you drive Dan, I'm good at matching people with rides, I'm thinking you drive a Volvo V70 or some kinda station wagon, please let me know. And great video, thanks.

  12. hey up, around two months ago I found you and even though I literally didn't understand a word you were banging on about, it was obvious you knew your stuff so I kept watching and your videos became a diving board into the world of TA. Now its sweet music to my ears and you help tie together all my own scrappy TA . Thanks alot mate!

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