Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/2/2018 by

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  1. i saw a phone number on a btc trading related channel here on youtube some months back and i was really broke then and my daughter was sick too but precently by Gods grace i can say that i am a very comfortable woman… thank you so much Mr Frank

  2. Hahahahah. One hit wonder. The greatest band of all time with three albums on the number one spot, one of them being the album with the longest world record of all time…. 736 weeks on the top 200 chart. That's FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!! Dark Side of the Moon was one of the top 200 albums in the world for FOURTEEN YEARS!

    Yeah. One hit wonder. LOL

  3. Pink Floyd – one hit wonder band?? Hope that was sarcasm – else I’m very disappointed with you Dan 😢

    Appreciate the daily vids man. Props to you for being so consistent!

  4. Hi Dan, awesome vid as always! Would be cool if you could squeeze in some comparisons with traditional markets like you did before when Btc and stocks were looking simular and one (seemingly) predicting the other.
    And what is your opinion on an impeding GFC when looking at the charts?

  5. Pink Floyd, A ONE HIT WONDER? Dude, get a life! Haven't you ever heard of "Imagine", by the true "one hit wonder", John Lennon. He probably would have written more, but he died (I think in a car accident, or cancer or something like that.)

  6. Thanks Dan! As always great to know your thoughts. Made a great entry thanks to what I learned from you. Now working on my stops…got stopped out too soon. Finished your courses and now patiently waiting for an entry to your member's room. Love Pink Floyd and sarcasm too!

  7. Ha. I was there for the 15 minute dump on ETH staring at the screen, but I decided to go to bed instead because I didn't want to be in overnight. I showed 'em who's smart.

    I don't understand how you can go all in. I attribute it to the fact you've been trading with the house's money for 8 years, and I know what sort of awful misery I had to go through to get the money I'm trading with. I would rather die than do that again(not an exaggeration), but I suppose I could just try to find something less heinous. Thanks for another informative video.

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