Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/11/2018 by

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  1. No market velocity (supply x demand). Simple! I predicted in April BTC would hit 5000 usd in June. I also predict 4000 usd in July. I’m buying buying buying all the way down to the bottom. Happy days. I love bargains. I’ve been waiting since April to buy back in from December 2017. MSM do not cover crypto space unless it’s negative news which negates new money coming in the crypto space. I’m waiting for Deutsche Bank to collapse, Italian banks to go bust, Italy, Spain to go bust and the breakup of the European Union…..that’s when and only when you will see cryptos moon. All in the next 12 months…..bring it on😂😂😂😂

  2. What should you do if you are way under water? I missed my stop loss entry on a dump, I expected it to come up and it dumped again, do I wait out the storm? Or should I cut my huge loss and try to trade the coming squeeze /etc.? Thank you

  3. In my Opinion Silver is the most undervalued asset out there right now.Here are some junior Silver producers/Explorers many at historical lows that should do very well with the rise in Silver. Silver Bull resources (SVBL),Gogold resources (GLGDF),Bayhorse Silver (KXPLF),Golden Arrow resources (GARWF),Excellon Resources (EXLLF) and Minauraum Gold (MMRGF)

  4. Trading it is the way to go and if you are holding on , iit may be better to sell some of your holdings and wait for a definite bottom and a bull trend to buy back. Buy and hold method does not work unless you dollar cost average, but the old saying is don’t catch a falling knife. Yes, be patient

  5. ive been watchin around 6 chart people. And you are the best for me. I think there are many trading styles and you are not predicting anything, you just take it day by day and you adjust to the situation very fast. I love it man and i love you (no homo) . Also there is a lot of negative thoughts in my mind but making good things is doing good for me. Thanks a lot for the trade and LIFE lessons.

  6. Trading on fundamentals =/= Long-term holding on fundamentals? Lets say i like ETH, ZRX and OMG, just holding makes sense due to the strong fundamentals doesnt it? Maybe i could increase my stack via trading these graphs, but if im not a good trader i should just hodl right? Thanks for your vids, interesting stuff!

  7. Dan, thanks for continually letting us know you when you make losses or break even. One of the things that differentiates you from other youtubers who magically never have losses 😉

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