Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH ETC Technical Analysis Chart 9/12/2018 by

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  1. Ahh awesome video Dan. Iceland seems like such a nice place. Still very different from Norway where I'm from, even though the climate is a lot alike… Animals in Norway and Iceland are usually treated very well and we also pay the price, but can't resist having a nice (albeit expensive) steak now and then 🙂

  2. agh…… how many times I've heard this argument….. so you look like you've had a nice life and you're happy and in your prime. does that mean that it's fine to slaughter you and eat you even though there's no nutritional necessity to do so? seriously, that logic is so stupid…..

  3. Hi Charting Man Dan, I am wondering if it's possible to observe any bullish divergence between BTC price action and market sentiment/positive news/signs of adoption. Like you have demonstrated several times in your videos, bullish/bearish divergence between price action and the RSI is usually a good indicator. I get the impression that the price is staying steady at the $6200-$6500 level despite a lot of positive news. I'm wondering if this could lead to a bull break soon. What do you think?

  4. Thanks Dan ! After watching this video earlier I put in a long eth trade at 182 and I'm up allready and raising my stop loss. I ain't no fool if your indicator has only gone off three times before I'm def jumping in after double checking the charts of course
    Thanks again Dan your the man

  5. That’s cool, I really was stretching today to use the timeframes to keep me in until I reached a few candles. I used to just get out I started broke I think it just is a habit that won’t die easy. I’m not into sweating for a pile of shit. Then sleeping in it.

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