Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH EOS ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/8/2018 by

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  1. I dont share your interest in ETH, arent like 70% of ethereum tokens still held in presale wallets? You can't even really run a full node without a specialized set up at this point, as dapps and icos are flooding the chain.. It's giving XRP a run for it's money in terms of least realistic valuation, Eth is a perma short.

  2. No offence, yt talk about bounce and bullish signs since 7500, we had one sideway price with Bulle not able to break, testing Low 1 to 3 times before a drop of 200 to 400.
    I Was short Ing since 7500.

  3. Goodmorning Dan, my analysis for bitcoin for this morning 9/8/18. I am seeing the trade going to resistance and then short to support and then wait for it to go long. I am not sure it will break resistance, but the bulls are still weak.

  4. I'm to the point now where as soon as I see your video post, I open up trading view, grab a pencil and paper and analyze the btc chart….looking at the exponential resistances…volume…RSI…lower or higher highs…lower or higher lows…writing down my findings, then watching your videos to see how well I did. It's fantastic!
    Thank you for your content, Dan. By far the best info on youtube. Seriously addicted fan here :))

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