Bitcoin Ethereum IOTA ETC Technical Analysis Chart 6/12/2018 by

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  1. Hey bro, I love your TA. Can you make a video on how to read a short chart? I was trying to find a good source about that and I couldn’t. I think it would be very useful! Cheers!

  2. Hi Dan, Just to address what you said at the beginning – I have bought into Canadian MJ not only because you have pointed it out but because of the TA on them as well. Since they have broken weekly EQs I am looking for a weekly bulltrend now, so I have bought in on that basis, but since I am a young investor (24) I plan to hold as long term as long as the weekly charts do not change to a bear trend. All that said, I have done next to no fundamental Analysis on any of the names. I am mainly a TA trader and investor. Do you think that's bad? Should I revise my thesis and do some FA before buying more or holding long term?

  3. Dan — How do you feel about throwing in a Volume Weighted Moving Average for a long term moving average? Say the 120 or if you're looking like me the 138 VWMA. Seems to be hitting a lot of the tops and bottoms for the past year on the daily and is a good turn around point.

  4. I have a question.
    Lets say you work your way up from the 15m 12/26 EMAs and you get up to the 1H. 15m and 30m are clearly over the EMAs but the 1H is just floating on them, you can see the 4H and 1D moving closer to the EMA resistance. Assuming RSI is low and the market sentiment is at it is now then the only way to know if 1H is to move safely about the EMAs is just wait and see the play through? Sometimes it just just sinks straight through and other time it jumps right above. I've really been following the EMAs for a month or too but I still struggle with this, just knowing when it's considered to have broken through.
    I am interested why you only use GDAX as well, I'm not sure if you gone over that in another video I could go back and watch.

  5. After seriously watching Dan's crypto videos for last 6-7 months now, I can honestly say I've learned a lot.

    TA and trading based on TA is filled with many moving parts and is not easy to grasp in a short period of time.

    I'd compare it to poker and chess in terms of the overall difficulty. But similar to those two games, there are specifics to TA that are very easy to understand and learn. My challenge was in the area of trade entries/exits and managing positions.

    So thankful now that in this bear environment that I'm all cash and fully prepared for what the coming weeks and months will bring.

    Having confidence in what I know and what I plan to do is extremely empowering.

    Thanks again Dan for what you do and more importantly, how you do it.

  6. What do u think qbout net neutrality repeal taking place yesterday and the huge dump happend also the same week it was repealed in last december also etfs being contunuosly refused also allowing futures with lots of regualtion do u think big institutions want a huge dip to enter the market?!

  7. Dan, You mentioned being in no rush to scale in with the low RSI's.. Is this because of 1) the breaks in the bigger time frames ( daily, Almost weekly) 2) The state of the crypto world and how brutal its been. People are losing faith? I think its both, but wanted to ask the expert 🙂

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