Bitcoin Ethereum ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/7/2018 by

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  1. hi, i dont wanna disturb, but i really find this videos very interesting .. but i lost half of the video because the language .. if you dont mind can you put some subtitles, in spanish?

  2. sooo..about that ETC. how many of you shipped a bucked of ETC over to coinbase thinking "man i'm gonna sell into the run when it goes live" only to now realize if we all have that thought who is buying? devil's advocate thought here.

  3. Dan, I let you down today. I did not set any stop sell orders and I had no internet access today either. It was too late when I finally got back online. Luckily I only had a small position in LTC. Anyway, I appreciate the work you do. Thank you for the great videos. They are very clear and to the point. No smoke and mirrors. You keep it simple and honest. Thanks man!!

  4. Thanks Chart Man Dan! Quick question when watching the camping clip at the end. Did you lose your accent or were you just adding some northeastern flare to the “It’s like Jurassic Park our hea”? Just curious

  5. This is great news actually. It eliminates the uncertainty in the short term anyway on the event everyone's been focusing on. And the fact that they did not outright reject it shows us that they are thinking about it. A rejection would have crushed the market totally imho

  6. Cheers Dan !!! 🙂

    Tankage again sucks, but this vid made me smile most the way thanx !!! 🙂
    Glad you doin better than most of us… you deserve it mate !!! 🙂

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