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  1. Hey man, I get your point. Life and death, ying and yang. Felt like you're talking directly to me in this video 🙂
    You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and I really appreciate your openminded approach to things. I also very much share your adoration of the nature, animals, environment and so on. In fact it was a real breath of fresh air when I first started watching your videos, how you always ended with doing good things and your short nature observations and your trips around the country etc. All other trading videos seemed to only concentrate on the money with very little mention of other real things in life. But I digress…
    Imagine if we let all of those sheep, cows, pigs etc just roam and live without herding them and farming them and breeding them and controlling their population and medicating them for better produce. Why wouldn't they have more offspring that could live a happy wild lives and experience life to the full extend? Do you really think that stopping killing animals would effectively amount to a form of contraception? All of these animals would be free to have as many offspring as they want/capable of producing. And that offspring wouldn't be killed in the prime of their life either. Sure they would die eventually as we all do but not before their time. Speaking of time, how many animals are killed in their infancy?… They barely had a chance to start at all.
    I do understand the historic reasons for people eating meat, particularly in places around the world where plant food is limited. And in extreme circumstances if it came to it, I would sacrifice an animal life for food to save my own. But those times are long gone now. Planet's environment would benefit hugely if people transitioned to eating plant food instead of farming animals and animal products. You could even argue that hunger could be eradicated. But no, that's not why we eat meat… We eat it because we don't care and because we enjoy the taste – literally only those two reasons. Nothing else. We even know that it's not healthy for us but we still do it. It is in fact very similar to smoking – you know how bad it is but you don't care and/or you like the sensation.
    One more thing on the whole "choosing to live if you know you'll die" thing. If there are 500,000 less sheep on the mountains of Iceland when we stop farming them, is it us preventing them from being born or is it nature returning things back to normal? If I really tried (or being farmed 🙂 ) I could have hundreds of children by now. Now, the fact that I don't – does them mean I'm preventing my hypothetic children from existing? To me the answer is quite obvious. Whatever the case is 'Giving life' is not a reason for farming – not at all, not on any level. It's all pure food-business-money, no one cares about giving life to a new animal in the industry. At best, we're facilitators in this process anyway, we can't create life – nature takes care of that. As such, those animal lives are not ours to take no matter what role we played in the process. When you give birth to a human being it doesn't give you the right to take that life away. Animals are just powerless to stop the carnage.

  2. But is nonexistence a bad thing? This is the David Benetar's asymmetry argument
    1. If a person exists, then their pain is a bad thing.
    2. If a person exists, then their pleasure is a good thing.
    3. What does not exist cannot suffer (therefore this non-existing pain is a good thing).
    4. What does not exist cannot be deprived of any pleasure (therefore this non-existing pleasure is not a bad thing).

    So there is a asymmetry between pain and pleasure. Not existing is not a bad thing, because there isn't any suffering and not experiencing pleasure is neutral. Also would you take 1 hour of the worst suffering we can experience for 1 hour of the best pleasure?

    Thanks for the video anyway, Dan

  3. Ethereum shorting has been a damn money fountain for the last month… Remember there are over 100 million ethereum in existence.. Most is still sitting in their original presale wallets.

  4. Yesss!! I loved the philosophical talk at the end. Great points as usual Dan. You can’t have the sweet without the sour. Ying needs the Yang, light needs the dark, all that. We need more positive forces in the world, like you Dan! Thanks

  5. Dear Dan, watching you enjoy the clouds when looking at these charts makes me happy. I want to be a trader like you- make money but always appreciate life off the computer screen. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness.

  6. Possibly my favourite ever video of yours Dan. Loved the interlude! Re veggies, personally I have no huge issue with life and a swift, humane death, it’s more the cruelty aspect and terrible abuse that goes on in slaughterhouses that I can’t live with. And that’s where most organically bred animals go to die.

  7. Dan life is a game, games are to be played, playing is fun.

    Too many people live life in protest and Trauma, I don't listen to them I pity them.

    I'm glad you stand for your beliefs.

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  9. Hey Dan! Been watching for a while, love that you are supplying so much knowledge freely!
    I'm also a Vegan and I completely see where you are coming from but your idea of balance in regard to life is subjective based on where you put your extreme points. I'd say that eating an American Diet is an extreme whilst eating whole plant based diets is more so towards the center.

    Regarding living for a day and facing death at the end. I understand this although what if that day was turtore, forced impregnation, caged in, slavery & not seeing the sun at all. Life CAN be great, it isn't always.

    I see where you are coming from, most Vegans used to love meat/dairy and thereby we all come from a place of understanding although we grow into a place where we cannot tolerate it anymore once we've witnessed what it is we are contributing to.

    You seem like a very logical and open-minded dude from watching your videos. You love nature and animals it seems. In that regard, eating more plant based is a personal and very strong way of supporting your views & morals.

    Check out some documentaries on Netflix about Veganism and you'll quickly realize why Vegans have background to their ideas and values. Anyways…, looking forward to more videos from you and if you wish to discuss more about Veganism, there really is an answer to every doubt you might have! <3

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