Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin Predictions for 2018 – LIVE

BItcoin and blockchain, the world has been speaking out about our global ecosystem and its growing. People who never would have though, are investing in things like Litecoin and Dash. From…


  1. I do think that ETH and LTC will rise very quick. Not so sure for btc, that will suffer a bit, when people that just entered will understand this is not the only one crypto currency on the market.
    I see a bright future for anonymous cryptocurrencies, and especially for the underated ones. Because as always, everybody is talking about the same ones, because McAffee told them to buy this or this one.
    There are for example anonymous crypto, like DeepOnion that have a huge community and a very solid roadmap for 2018, that is just waiting for the big rise. Even if you don't want to invest, you might want to take a look πŸ™‚

  2. Huggie bear, you're predictions will be about as accurate as that crazy old man's predictive linguistics forecasts done by Clif highLY unlikely? That guy and his $600 silver and flying cars and Bitcoin going above $2000 again Their are only so many of you bullshit wanna be predictors out their
    You clowns are entertaining up to a point. I know that the job market is bad with so many of you with you're arts degrees and all? However, you shpuld lower you're expectations somewhat!

  3. People complaining about BTC transaction and cost, Upgrade your wallet to segwit, else you are one of the 90% of people who bitches about problems of your own making. On busy BCH days vs busy BTC days, BTC transfers are an hour faster than BCH; just one example. Plus the obvious fact that RIpple is not a cryptocurrency, it's at best a ShiteCoin , it doesn't even belong on CoinMarketCap. It's only aims are to keep the old world scum alive and to devalue BTC by utilizing moron sheep to dump BTC so they can buy it up and kill it by use of FUD. And BTC is their 2nd horse in case their fake Crypto fails and the masses wake up to the fact it is not a cryptoCoin and not centralised and owned by parasitic scum that the BlockChain was designed to make obsolete. Oh, I have NEVER paid $30 like ROger Ver claimed/lied and look how slow ETH went when CryptoKitties launched. Admittedly, BitCoin Core team need to advertise to the moron masses about moving to Segwit then there would be no issues at all

  4. Greetings from the Blue Ridge Mts.of the ancient Appalachians! Β Yes! Β It's the simple things all along! Β  Β Thank you for sharing with those of us who are seeking Β trailblazers to light the way in this new crypto world. Β Shine On!

  5. Brilliant vid Arcane. This is a litecoin projection based of the year we have had with average momentum. What if Charlie Lee at Litecoin suddenly comes out with "we are partnering with Ebay, Youtube, Visa or Amazon". this would inflate the price far beyond what anyone could chart so far. Something is brewing in Litecoin very very soon.

  6. I strongly recommend people review SUMO, XSPEC, ZOI, ZERO. These are small market cap privacy coins that are going up 50% to 200% everyday and still have heaps of room to grow. ZER could still go up 6000% before it has a market cap like PIVX or 24000% before it has a market cap like Verge. ZOI and SUMO can still go 10000% before they have a market cap like Verge and XSPEC can go 2000% before it reaches Verges market cap.‬

  7. you were charting ltc on the btc cross, and you took the price projection from btc's current value. However you had just projected btc's value at that time to be around $100,000. So 0.1 of $100,000 would put ltc around $10,000 at that point in time not $1,000.

  8. tijo u rock !!! Thank you for everything you are doing for the revolution and us all !!!! I am about to change my life and you are one reason of it !! Thanks a lot for that !!! Boom !!!

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