Bitcoin ETF Rejected and Bitcoin Price Action

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  1. Different ETF than the one everyone is waiting for ( see comments by 'streetstylz'. ) Anyway sooner or later either next month or next year ETF will be accepted! Long term thinking! Litecoin mining reward 'halving' 2019! Bitcoin 2020! Also see recent quote from Charlie Lee below!

    I'm excited to see @iPayment_Inc team up with @AliantPayment and open up Litecoin and Bitcoin payments to over 137,000 businesses! 🚀 #PayWithLitecoin

  2. Hey dan love ur positivity the bull will run when it’s ready this tech ain’t going anywhere let’s just keep spreading the word on btc and ltc and get the mass adoption maybe even talk a little digibyte lol 😂

  3. Brilliant – that 'Dark swamp of despair' lures so many to its depths and like any swamp once in it it is hard to get out of. Best avoiding it altogether. Good luck Dan.

  4. With ETF’s (and their inevitable rejections) all the rage in the #crypto universe. Did you know that Tokensuisse already offer Swiss regulated🇨🇭investment certificates? We are also launching the first ever Privacy Coins Certificate featuring #TPAY and three other security-driven coins

  5. So cool you talked about failure/the dark swamp – the fear of it keeps many from participating in life fully/creating – your thoughts on it helped someone realize that it is part of the process of ANYTHING one does in life….it's just part of the deal

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